Parkside Guest House

Exploring the City on Foot

Anchorage Museum

Conveniently located downtown, the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center is a world-class museum, which seeks to preserve, exhibit and interpret the art and history of Alaska. It hosts over 20 traveling exhibits from around the globe each year. In 1994, the Museum also became the Anchorage home of the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center.

Pedestrian and Cycling Trails

Anchorage has over 100 miles of paved trails! Rent a bike from downtown or put on your walking shoes and explore the beautiful coast. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is accessible within a few minutes walk of Parkside.

The Public Lands Building

Take advantage of a “mini tour” of Alaska through the exhibits representing natural, historical, and cultural features of the state. Located in Anchorage’s historic Federal Building, you will find a wealth of information about recreation opportunities on Alaska’s public lands.

Weekend Market

Eat Local. Support Local. Enjoy Local. The Anchorage Market and Festival is located in the heart of downtown and offers free and lively entertainment, great food, and a fun atmosphere. You’ll find unique goods from around the world and handmade Alaskan souvenirs (making for a productive shopping day). 

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