Parkside Guest House

Touring the City by Car

Alaska Native Heritage Center

This cultural center shares first-hand the rich heritage of Alaska Native culture through storytelling, authentic native song and dance, artist demonstrations and native game demonstrations. Young and old alike find this a wonderful way to experience Alaska’s Native cultures. Daily presentations include native dancing, storytelling, films, and guided tours to the village sites situated around a small lake.

Chugach State Park

The third largest state park in the United States provides a vast wilderness right outside Anchorage. Visit the Eagle River Nature Center before you head out into the park. These half-million acres offer some of the state’s most accessible hiking, skiing, camping, wildlife viewing, rafting and climbing in Alaska.

Flattop Mountain

One of the most climbed mountains in the state, Flattop Mountain is easily accessible from Anchorage. Its 3-mile loop hike is known for panoramic views, with the possibility of spotting Denali on a clear day. Spend the night at the summit for campouts on the summer solstice.

Kincaid Park

Maintained by the municipality of Anchorage and situated among 1500 acres of rolling, forested hills and beautiful scenery, Kincaid Park is home to an extensive network of un-paved trails, sports fields, and a disc-golf course. It is accessible by road and also connected to downtown Anchorage by the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

Paint a Scarf Alaska

Turn on your creative side for an afternoon creating your own silk scarf with a northern lights design. Professional silk artist Gina Murrow offers friendly instruction in her log cabin chalet, located by a rushing mountain stream with beautiful mountain views.

Botanical Gardens

Occupying 110 acres, Anchorage’s Botanical Gardens are located on the east side of town. Much of this land remains in a natural state, with individual “gardens-within-the-Garden” interconnected by trails through the boreal forest.

The Alaska Zoo

Head to south Anchorage to spend a day at the zoo, and take part in their mission to promote conservation of Arctic, sub-Arctic and like climate species through educational programming, research and community enrichment. 

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